What Shipping Process do Gxld Natural use? 

Everything is sent through USPS from Royal Oak , Mi. Now packaged in our now signature Gold packaging envelopes.   



Shipping Deadlines: Deadlines for out of state packages to be delivered  on time for the Christmas will be December 9

Standard Shipping: During the Holidays standard shipping processing will now be 4-6 days including weekends and shipped on the 6th business day

Express Shipping: During the Holidays express shipping will now be 2-4  days processing and shipped on the 4th day. (Mind if you are doing Express Shipping after December 13 the DEADLINE to ensure guarantee delivery for Christmas will be DECEMBER 16TH)

If there are orders after these deadlines, packages may come in time but will not be guarantee to arrive by December 25.

**How Long is Shipping? 

Standard Shipping; Standard Shipping Processing takes 3-5 Business Days. Shipping will be done on the 4th-6th business day. Orders are processed in the order received..   

Express Shipping: Express Shipping Processing takes 2-3 business days. Shipping is done on the 3rd-4th business day. Order is moved up to priority. 


**What is Our Return/Exchange Policy?

Returns/Refunds/Exchanges :

Returns are only accepted if its appeared that the product has been untouched! Only then will customer be able to receive full refund.

Refunds: There are no refunds! Only reships  store credit, or exchanges. if there was a problem with receiving any packages, meaning lost shipment, a reship will be shipped.  

 Exchanges of product is available but Must be emailed explaining what product you would like to exchange it for  the new product will be shipped out upon the return of the product wanting to be exchanged! 

Mis-ships: In the case of a mis-ship. You are allowed to keep the wrong product and your correct product will be immediately  Shipped out with a 10% off discount code for your next purchase for your inconvenience.  

Issues During Shipping?: Once the package is shipped,We as the business are no longer responsible, for we have no control over shipping conditions.  If products are damaged we are happy to replace products but requires you as the customer to pay for the re shipment. 

**Are samples available to test? 

Sample sizes are not available at this time!  Reviews are also available to read on the site as well about each product.  

**What is in our Products? 

Every ingredient in our products are 100% organic. Using organic butters, natural oils and essential oil for scent  

**How safe is our product? 

Our products are 100% non toxic! If you have any skin allergies please read description on the product you are intrested in for more details.  

**Where do we get Our organic ingredients? 

All ingredients are purchased through a USDA organic approved wholesale natural company. 

**Is our products certified? 

As of now our products are not organic certified     . But we do use organic certified ingredients to ensure that all ingredients are 100% organic  

**How do we make our products? 

All products are handmade. Body Butters are melted down,  cooled then go through a tripple whipping process. All Scrubs are mixed by hand as well  

**Is our products children and baby friendly?

YES!! Because our products are natural, and non toxic its safe to use around children and pets! We also carry a babies and kids line made with even fewer ingredients then our signature collection.