About Us

After years of being Natural, owner Lamara Hand decided to kick things up a notch. “I was always natural with my hair but realized your skin desrves the natural benefits as well”, says Lamara. “I always struggled to find the perfect skin products for my specific skin type. It seemed as if every skincare product line only had one line for ALL skin types, but that’s NOT how skin works. Everyone’s skin is different and requires different ingredients in the products just like hair.

As a struggling college student fed up with unhealthy and general ingredients put into our daily beauty products Lamara took time to single handedly research each and every ingredient put into Gxld Natural products.

Gxld Natural LLC  is a brand that provides 100% Natural Organic Skin & Hair Care Products. After years of struggling to read the back of ingredient labels and trying to comprehend what most of those words mean, Gxld Natural LLC wanted to make it all easier for us! With loads of reaserach to understand what our skin and hair needs to obtain a natural healthy glow, we have finally cracked the code! Our beautiful Earth has already provided us with all of the necessary ingredients we need that our skin and hair can naturally absorbs that will give us healthy glowing skin and healthy hydrated hair.

The Goal of Gxld Natural is to spread awareness of natural living and the benefits it brings! Gxld Natural wants to provide a way to have healthy natural glowing skin for ALL skin types and skin tones. Regardless, of everuthing that seperates us, Gxld Natural unites us with a common healthy beauty product thats vegan, natural, & healthy for us!