We are back again for another blog. Depending on where you are, you are probably on a “lock  in” mode with a lo of time on your hands. There are so much news, so much going on that it cam get overwhelming with the negativity.  We were thinking this is the time to focus on your skin, something positive and about YOU!  

We have said previously where your skin has a way of telling on you. All of the stress in the world today your stress is lock and loaded to take shots at your skin! BUT what we are NOT going to do is let it kill everything we have worked so hard for, which is healthy and clear skin. 

So what is your skin saying to you??

When Your Skin is Oily

Oily skin is usually caused by the Sebaceous gland producing too much Sebum. Sebum is a oily, waxy substance that is ESSENTIAL for healthy skin! WHYY, WHEN IT CAUSES ACNE?? Well Sebum is helps protects your skin from the environment and keeps skin hydrated. When sebum becomes a problem is when our skin produces too much of it causing clogged pores, acne, etc. 


Some of the causes of Hyper oily production starts with YOU! Check skincare products and your skincare routine! Sometimes we can be using too heavy of cleansers and moisturizers for our oily skin. With oily skin it is best to use water based products. They are lighter and easier for your skin to absorb.

OR we can be over washing our face. There was this myth about if your skin is oily wash your face more. WRONG! The more you strip your skin causes your glands to go into FULL EMERGENCY MODE where they produce more oils. So it counteracts against you, causing even oiler skin. OR do you just skip the moisturizing step all together?? ONCE again your Sebaceous gland go into emergency mode of not having enough hydration and produce more oil. 


Water based products are your friend! Your skincare product can either work against or with you. Oily skin can be tricky, every skin produces a different amount of oil. The best way to combat it is NOT over washing your face. But, making sure when you are washing your face you are moisturizing properly. 

When your Skin Feels Tight, Dull

Not a skin type, but it is MAJOR a skin condition that a lot of us suffer from and really dont know the real reason. Well tightness is caused by a number of reasons. This is where the listening to your skin is  really important. Tightness overall means that moisture has been evaporated from the skin. Almost as if your skin was dehydrated 


 One can be an increase of dead skin cells on the skin causing it to feel dry and tight. Or a little deeper with your skin cleanser being too harsh for your skin.  How do I tell the difference Mari?? WELL your skin should feel tight after washing because you are wiping excess dirt and oil. But, it should also feel fresh, and soft. 


With dehydrated skin you need moisture so the best thing to do is moisturize right after washing. Your pores on average closes 2 minutes after being exposed to water. Immediately moisturizing after cleansing will guarantee to lock in that moisture. Another tip is regulating hot showers and rinsing your skin with hot water, Hot water naturally dries out the skin, same as too much heat does too hair Trading hot water for warm,cool water will reduce how fast your skin is drying out.

One last tip is face steams!!! A new personal favorite of mine is steaming your face not before but AFTER washing your face. Before helps loosen dirt and gives you a more effective wash. But I personally notice that steaming my face after washing then immediately going in with our Tea Tree Lavender Face Butter helps add more moisture to my pores and my SKIN IS GLOWING TO THE SKIN GODS! - So this tip is a personal fav! Comment below if you try this tip!

When your Skin has Dry Patches

Now dry skin is a skin type and skin condition and can be caused by a number of reasons. It is a skin type when it is hereditary. But a skin condition when it is caused by something eczema, allergies, etc. So what do you do when it is none of those things above??


Other causes of dry skin can be a number of things that you have to really figure out. One can be unbalanced pH. Now in order to know this you will have to understand what can disrupt the pH balance of  your skin. That leads me into the next cause is too harsh of a cleansers. Cleansers are a big thing that can affect your skin natural pH, that can also cause sever drying. One of the common symptoms of a product being too high for your natural pH is through the tightness, and dryness of your skin. One last cause is too much direct sunlight,  also a form of sunburn or heat damage to your skin. 


The key with dryness is to MOISTURIZE! When choosing moisturizers for dry skin key NATURAL ingredients would be Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Avocado Oil. They have properties to soothe skin and also instantly hydrate skin without clogging pores. Another simple fix is just exfoliating dry patches and changing cleansers. 

When Your Skin is Breaking Out

ACNE!!!! Saved for last not because it is least important, but because it is one of the simplest skin conditions to figure out. Well, it almost is. The thing with acne is that it can be caused by a number of things inside the body and outside. But, what if you are having a healthy diet, you are drinking your water and you are stress free. 


Like most of the causes of other skin conditions we mention above, one of the main causes of acne is your SKINCARE products. Sometimes you skincare products can be too thick and creamy causing clogged pores that turn into acne. Or it can be the opposite and your skincare products are too drying and your skin is irritated. Often times in skincare products with a lot of acids can cause skin irritation resulting to breakouts. 


When skin is breaking out it is often irritated or pores are clogged. Now a lot of the time our first instinct is to run to our skin with spot treatments and more products. After personally struggling with acne through my entire teenage years i realized that the best way to combat skin acne is not with more skin care products but with LESS. Even today with my skin, when your skin is irritated it needs to be soothed not bombarded with more products. Imagine if you were irritated with something and then you keep getting more of it, yeah not cool. Gently cleansing your face going in with a delicate moisturizer with key ingredients will help not only keep your skin clean but also heal the acne.

 Natural ingredients that help with acne and also soothe skin Lavender, Aloe Vera, Grape seed Oil,  a Shea Butter. Tea tree oil is also great with acne if used in the right dosages. Too much of an amount on skin can and will cause skin irritation. 


 Our skin is always a reflection of our habits. The best thing to do when battling with any skin condition is too really look at skin and what it is telling you. The answers is always with in us, but we have to LISTEN! 


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