What’s My Toner?

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Hey Gxld Babes,

Lately I have been trying tot give you all the great information for your skin because since most of us are stuck in the house this is the time to get involved in some self care. With doing self care it is always fun to try new thing to add to your routine of pampering yourself. Something that is often forgotten to try in a skincare or pamper routine is a new face toner. 

What is a Toner?

Face toners are usually in liquid form. They are used to help improve the skin pH balance. Some toners are used to add moisture, to treat skin conditions, and to improve overall skin appearance. A skin pH is important, because it keep everything regulated like oil production. When a skin pH is off balance it can easily result to acne, excess oil, or even lack of oil production. 

When Do I use a Toner in My Skincare Routine??

The best time to use a toner is right after washing your face. While your skin is still damp and your pores are open. This makes it easier for your pores to absorb the toner. 

Different Kinds of Toners


Fresheners are the mildest forms of toners. Usually water is the base of the toner with a natural humectant mixed in like glycerine. The humectant helps retain any moisture into the skin. Fresheners contains little if any alcohol.  

Example: Rose Water

Skin Tonics:

A little stronger then a skin freshener. It contains a small quantity of alcohol- up to 20%. 

Example: Orange Flower Water 

Acid Toners:

Acid toners are a stronger form of toner. Of course by the title this form of toner does contains acid, some acids are like salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid. These acids are not harmful, but can cause irritation if being over used. The acids in the toners are great for                  chemical exfoliation. 


Astringents are the strongest form of toners, and contains a HIGH proportion alcohol - contains 20-60%. Astringents also contains antiseptic ingredients. This form of a toner can be damaging for the skin if used too frequent. Recommended once a week. 

Choosing a Toner:

When choosing a toner the best thing to keep in mind is your skin type. Toners are used to balance out your skin pH, and can improve the overall look of your skin. 

Oily Skin: 

For oily skin acid toners with ingredients like amino fruit acids ad glycolic acid will be great for a light exfoliation on the skin. With oily skin  you have to be mindful of not causing more oil production so avoid toners with alcohol. Alcohol can dry the skin, and your skin can potentially just produce more oil in return. 

Dry Skin:

Toners with hydration properties will help add more moisture to dry skin. Skin fresheners are ideal because it will allow the skin to absorb more moisture preventing it from becoming dry. Avoid alcohol at all cost. 

Combination/ Normal Skin:

Open to any skin toner, so this is where you have to listen to your skin. Knowing when your skin is feeling dry you may need a more hydrating toner. Compared to your skin feeling oily you may need more of a acid toner. Most recommended is alcohol free. 

Sensitive Skin:

Must stick with alcohol free toner. Any harsh chemical can cause irritated skin. This also includes harsh plant extracts and essential oils. Freshness with no alcohol is ideal, also ingredients like aloe vera . 



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