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Hey Gxld Babes, 

Welcome back for another Natural Beauty Blog from yours truly. After this week of so much lost, I think we all can agree we need a day. It is Self Care Sunday so why not talk about the ULTIMATE SELF CARE Routine. Self Care can be anything not necessarily beauty, it can be whatever helps relaxes your mind to bring it back to center. BUT, this is a beauty blog so we are going to talk about self care in the terms of beauty. We are going to give you Self Care Ideas from home and reasons why you NEED to try to fit in as much self care as you possibly can into your busy schedule.

What is Self Care

Self care is taking action to improves one well-being. This one is you. Last week we talked about how stress  can have an out come on your skin. Self Care is a great way to detox to this stress. 

Self Care Ideas

Mask- Hair & Face

One of my favorite things to do for any self care routine is a Mask! Of course hair or skin mask is appropriate but why not do both at the same time. Having the hair mask sit on your hair while your skin soaks yup the goodness from the face mask while you sit back and relax. 

Foot Soak

For some of us we are on our feet majority of the day. Wether it is work, running errands, kids, family our feet gets the brute of our labors. Short story; my father was n the military and he always taugh me that your feet is your base. You feet should be strong, healthy because it supports everything else. If your feet is not strong it is easy for someone or something to come knock you down. So what best self care  then a foot soak. Soaking your feet and different foot soaks can help pull toxins, soreness, and other impurities through your feet. Also, soaking your feet feels DAMN good!

Spiritual Baths

We have mentioned before about baths for self care but let’s elevate that bath into not just an ordinary bath but a spiritual bath. A spiritual bath is a way to recharge, cleanse, and detox your energies and raise your spirit,  Now the basics to a spiritual bath could be adding lemon/ orange slices, herbs like rosemary,  bath salt, and lightening candles or burning sage, Pretty much adding things that smell and feel good to make you feel good. We will get more into spiritual baths in another blog post.  

Warm Shower Meditation 

 Then for some of us just sitting alone is a way to care for your self. With the chaos from the world it can be hard to sometimes find that moment to yourself. If you like the sound of running water this can be a bonus for you. Sitting in the shower, just soaking up the steam and breathing resets your breath and body and finds away to clear your mind and thoughts. My favorite thing to do is just focusing in on taking deep breaths while doing this. This helps me, and can help you, clear your mind more if you have trouble focusing. 

I know we hear so much to be there for each other, and to surround ourselves with people, but never forget it is okay to focus on yourself for a second. We all need “ME” time. 


Though the daily chas we have to find ways to bring ourselves back to our peace. We have to remember peace can be a place, thing or person, but it is with in us. We haven’t find our peace through the chaos. 


Thank you reading Gxld Babes! I love you guys! 


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