Classic tale of Skincare and the Stress

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Hey Gxld Babes, 

Welcome to back to your natural beauty home last week we went into the foods that causes skin problems. This week we are going to talk about the things that are almost out of control to handle. STRESS. Stress is a big caused of skin problems, the same concept of what goes in your body comes out except this is a little harder to control.

What is Stress?

Stress is a hormone that our bodies naturally produces to pretty much let us know when something is wrong, or can simply just put an extra pep in our step to get things done. Stress does not always have to be bad either, stress can be good. Stress can be the anticipation you have to do something exciting. Overall stress is a hormone, and hormones can cause production of oils which can cause acne. 

How Can I Combat Stress Production, if I cant really see when it is happening?

Well the only way to combat stress is de-stressing. I can not tell you to completely stop stressing. Stress is normal, it happens to all of us. But the best way to stop it is learning when it comes is to release it. We all should have an idea was causes us stress, right? Wether its the kids, bills, school there are ways to release that stress. The best and what I like to think of the ONLY way is self care. 

Self care is exactly how it sounds, care for ones self lol. With  self care the biggest thing is to do something you love to do that can help release the stress. 

Self-Care Ideas

Now with picking a self care activity the first thing to be mindful of is that you are picking something YOU love to do or want to do. These 3 self care ideas below are not only 3 of my favorites but I they are what I noticed the most affective and fast to get me to relax. 

1. Face Mask

The best way to do de-stresss sometimes is to do nothing. The best way to make sure you do nothing is well, have something on your face that you would probably lose it if anyone see you with it on your face. The best thing about face mask is that it  can heal skin conditions without you actually doing anything, You literally just have to sit there. Cool, right?


2. Breathing 

When we are mad, frustrated, or angry we sometimes feel our “Blood boiling” or our heart pumping very fast. That is due to a chemical reaction in our brain that is pumping our adrenaline and getting us rilled up. The best way to calm down, and this is very cliche but it works, is breathing. Inhaling though your mouth, exhaling through your nose is one of the quickest way to calm down stress and adrenaline hormones when we are angry. Our bodies are made to breathe, taking a second to inhale extra oxygen will slow the heart rate day, relaxing the body an you. 

3. Bath

When you are stress, the best thing to do is take a second to relax. It is perfectly fine to have that me-time moment to reset and charge yourself. A warm bath is perfect for relaxing your body, muscles, and you. The warm ness of the bath soothes any aches or pains in the body. Now with your body resting, the most important thing is to get your mind resting. Well aromas like Lavender,  Sage, Eucalyptus are all soothing scent thats will kind of get your brain to relax too..   



Stress happens, but you cant let it get you. There are of course more major severe affects of stress not only with your skin. Skin just have a better way of telling on you about it. If you know you are stress pay attention to your skin and see the slightest changes that stress can give your outward appearance, But, now instead of stressing about your skin work with your skin to help de stress you and your skin. 

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