DONT Touch Your Face!

Hey Gxld Babes,

We have taken a break from the blog mainly to deal with the panic that has transpired the last few weeks but we like to keep Gxld Natural a safe space of outside drama. So we can continue that without being completely oblivious to what is going on. With that being said this vlog is about WHY YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH YOUR FAAAAAACCCCEEEEEE!!! Something that we should have always avoided but if there was any perfect time to re address it!

Hands Meet Skin

Now this is not to scare you, I am not a doctor of any sorts. This is from basic, minor research. On an average there are 1,500 bacteria species that live on every cubic meter of your hands. We also come in contact with 60,000 germ on average daily. The most germy surfaces are our purses, wallets, buttons, door knobs, remote controls, the  list really goes on! With all that being said can you honesty imagine what is going on when your hands touch you face!! Scary thought, but here are some simple tricks to avoid your face, 


TOP 3 Ways to Try to Avoid Touching Your Face 

1. Identify Your Face Triggers

The best way to combat any form of a bad habit is to identify when and why you are doing it. Millions of people pick at their face for nerves, boredom, etc. The best way to deal with this is to notice when you are doing it and identify the reason why, Observe the situation you are in and why you may be picking with your face, 

2. Create a Diversion

Once you identify the trigger is when you can attack the problem. Create maybe a diversion instead of picking at your face. Once we acknowledge the problem, the problem can get solved.

3. Face Wipes

Everything above sounds easy, but reality is breaking habits are hard. Keeping face wipes will help you still to be able to remove bacteria and germs off your face, if you slip up and touch your face,



These tips are not just for now, these are tips that can help you for whenever, Remember acne is not only caused by diet or stress but also germs and mainly bacteria So ALWAYS avoid your face. Be sure to stay safe, wash your hands, and stay calm. . 

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