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Hey Gxld Babes, 

Welcome Back to Our Own Beauty Home on Gxld Natural. And we have made it to our 10th Blog Post!!! To celebrate we will be doing a small giveaway of our Bundle Set of the winners choice! Giveway Rules will be randomly added through this blog post so make sure you are reading!  

Now Gxld Babes we have been diving into a lot of self care natural beauty, this post of course is no different. You can tell by the title this week we are going to discus DETOXING your skin and body. Remember what you put in your body comes out through your skin. 

What is a Detox?

A Detox is where you completely clean out all of the toxins from either your body or your skin. These toxins or impurities can be the reason why our bodies are moving sluggish, we have lack of energy , we are achy. Even our skin an suffer with beak outs, inflammation, etc. so in todays society where we are Never really 100% sure where our food come from, what is in the air we breath we must detox. 

Ways to Detox


With Detoxing our body it is fairly simple. Our bodies already produces waste naturally but some waste may get stuck along the way. The best way to remove toxins from your body is to increase waste production. This means drinking and eating foods that naturally cleanse our systems to. We have talked about food for skin health, of course there are foods for detoxing. These foods makes it easier for us to clean out fat, toxins that clog our pores, and toxins that our bodies are absorbing over and over again because they are stuck. I will be getting into detox foods later in this blog post. 


Detoxing your skin is not as simple as detoxing your body but it’s is still very easy.  Detoxing your skin can either be done internally or externally. Internally is through of course flushing out your systems. Externally requires a lo more work, but can be fun. Detoxing your skin can be done in a number of many ways. To detox your skin is to mainly deeply cleanse your pores. There are tons of skin procedures that help with this but what about at home? For at home remedies the best remedy is a face mask. Detox face mask like charcoal can help pull impurities from your pores. Other ingredients you can use for a skin detox besides charcoal is bentonite clay, honey, and water.

Foods for Detox

The best food to detox your body and skin

- Water: Well that goes without saying, But, seriously water helps flushes toxins and keeps your body hydrated as well as your skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin

- Green Tea: A natural flush for our system that is high in antioxidants. As well as cleaning your systems you will also be restoring systems. 

- Green Leafy vegetables: Veggies also have a lot of water naturally in them. BUT they are also extremely high in fiber. Fiber is also amazing for cleaning you body from toxins. 

- Fresh fruit:  fresh fruit like watermelon, apples, and citrus fruits are high in Vitamins, water and fiber. 

- Mint: High in potassium to help restore normal fluid blanket and flushes out bloat. 

- Ginger: cleanses the body by stimulating digestion, circulation, and sweating. With that being said it has he powers to move all clogged toxins inside your body to outside of your body. 

- Salmon: cold water fish contains good fats that reduce inflammation and boost immune system. 


Detoxing your skin and body does not have to be hard. Most importantly it can be fun. There are loads of ways to keep your body, mind and skin DETOX!




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  • Marquita on

    Thank you for explaining the benefits of detoxing our body and skin. I’ve been trying to find a way to explain detoxing to people and I’m going to share your blog!!! I’ll be detoxing as well!! Thank you again!!!

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