Am I Using Too Much?

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Hey Gxld Babe,

Last week, you read about the difference between dehydrated nd dry skin.  This week’s blog is about how much you should be using on your skin. Sometimes we may let our egos of knowing our skin so much that we forget the basic guidelines. This blog is some basic rules of skincare. 

The Right Amount

We all potentially can be using to much of a product. Too  much of a product could be a potential for skin problems.


When using cleanser we can have a tendency of using to much! Often times we think more acne, more cleanser. The most popular one is probably more oil on my face, more cleanser. The truth is too much cleanser can actually do more harm then good. Using too much cleanser can dry our skin out, causing dry skin. NOW oily skin people contrary to the myth of drying your skin will help the oil production. It actually sends your skin in emergency mode creating more oil! Causing more acne. 

Correct Amount: A dime-quarter size amount. Also washing at MOST 3 times a day, if wearing makeup. Only 2 times on a average day; once in the morning and once in the evening/night time. 


Exfoliants, also known as face scrubs is something to very carful of. Over exfoliating can cause a number of problems to the skin. First, it can cause the skin to become raw and sensitive. Remember exfoliating in a nutshell is to remove excess dead skin, to reveal new skin.  You have to give your skin time to heal, and produce new skin in between. Also, over exfoliating can cause tiny tears in the skin. Back to the top, your skin become sensitive. The new layer of skin is fresh, and the barrier is extra weak. 

Correct Amount: A dime - nickel size if exfoliating the neck. Recommend only 1-2 times of week for oily-normal skin. 3 times if has dry skin, or dry patches. ALWAYS MOISTURIZE AFTER!!!!!!  


Toners and Serums in a skincare routine is normally the step you use for adding extra moisture or hydration to your skin. This step is usually right before you moisturize. 

Correct Amount: A pea size for serums will do you just well. Gives you a natural glow, without leaving you oily. For toners a dime size amount or one  cotton ball. 


This step is often skipped, or we use to little in fear of oily skin. I cant stress enough how important moisturizing is, I do it all of the time. So I will just tell you the correct amount of any MOISTURIZER. 

Correct Amount: A nickel size amount. For dry skin, possibly a quarter depending on the base of the moisturizer Oil based moisturizer a nickel is fine, fo water based a quarter may be a little bit moe comfortable. 


Sometimes the back of the skincare bottle is there for a reason, and we need to just accept it! LOL, of course I am teasing. This was also very interesting for me, I have failed to over cleanse in my past.

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog! Next week I will be spilling some tips on toners! Something we really haven't gotten into, but this blog may raise questions!!

Live and Be who you are, and That is Gxld! Love you guys! 



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