6 DIY Natural Skincare Tricks

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In thIs time of year the Gxld Natural team is doing most of its research and studying of natural remedies for skincare, With that being said of course we have our own few DIY natural home remedies. Here are 6 DIY EASY remedies you can do at home. 


1. Sea Salt 

Sea salt is a well known helpful natural remedy for skin. Salt, in general. Does an amazing job at deeply cleaning out the pores of skin, also balancing oils of skin. “OKAY, great now where is the actual DIY remedy” . Well this remedy is so easy all you literally need is salt and water. Adding salt and water to spray bottle and lightly misting your skin once or twice or day will help keep you skin oil balanced and hydrated. 

2. Salt & Honey Mask 

As mention up above salt alone is amazing, now lets talk about honey. Raw honey is an amazing source of antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and is a natural humectant. A humectant means that something naturally preserves moisture. So here is the scenario, you have salt to deeply cleanse your pores, pulling impurities from your skin. Then, you have the honey healing your skin while pulling moisture to your skin. Amazing, right? Mixing these two ingredients leave your skin feeling fresh and silky soft. Recommend leaving the skin sit on your skin for 10-15 mins, be careful can get messy. 

3. Cold Spoon 

Its not much of DIY but cold spoons are one of our favorite beauty hack. Sometimes we wake up with puffy eyes, or we have redness fro acne bumps. A amazing way to solve this is with a cold spoon. The metal and lIshtar wight of the spoon helps soothes the Skin. Reducing puffiness or redness. But, why cold? Well when you apply coldness to a sore or red area the blood almost immediately ruses away from the area reducing puffiness or redness. Now of course, this hack requires preparation, so always keep a cold spoon in the freezer lol. Always make sure the skin is never frozen when applied to skin but child. 

4. Lemon Juice 

Mentioned in our previous blog “Skincare Vs Diet” citrus fruit like lemon are high in vitamin C and citric acid. These ingredients helps brighten dark marks and can over time lighten skin. The best DIY is mixing lemon juice with a teaspoon of water and is great for spot treatment. Recommend only leaving on face 10 min max, caution citric acid is an ACID so use wit caution. 

5. Face Steam

Face Steams are the perfect at home mini facial. All you literally need is steaming water and a pot. Of course feel free to throw in add-ins to the mixture like essential oils, herbs, etc. The overall benefit is the steam. Face steam is a great add in for the beginning of your skincare routine, it allows pores to open and helps loosens build up of dirt, oil. Making the cleansing step of your skincare routine easier and more efficient.


Now before you think I am completely losing my mind, hang in there with me. Rags are only useful when they are 100% clean, but rags can still build up bacteria if not clean properly or often. PLUS, rags soak up water that your skin soak up for hydration. At the end of your skincare routine instead of using a rag to remove excess water take your hands and gently pat your face. This allows your hands to almost push the water into your pores and for skin to actually soak up the water. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. 



All of these DIY beauty tricks and hacks are all things i have personally tried. Out of all of them the salt and honey mask is definitely my favorite. Overall, these are simple skincare DIY’s you  can do at home that are super quick and easy. 


P.S Gxld Babes I would love to know some of your skincare goals you have for this year?? Comment them down below!


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