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Hey Gxld Babes!

If you are an OG Gxld Babe you have to remember our short lived beauty blog in the early part of 2020 called Living The Life Like Its Golden! That blog was able to give you more insight to skincare and how to learn your skin!

To piggy back that idea, we wanted to not only give you insight about skincare but also the wonderful handcrafted products we have featured right her at Gxld Natural.

50 Shades of Gxld will not just be a beauty blog but it a quick easy access learning tool for all of our Gxld Babes about our own product.

Imagine not only being able to read the description of our products but to have a mini blog on the product, the pros and cons, as well as a direct guide to everything that is in the product! This well help you feel more comfortable making your home a Gxld Home! 

We will be posting every other Saturday starting June 4th!! We hope you tune in to the Gxld House for Skincare Saturday with 50 shades of Golden!


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